Wedding Invitations

The Bakery Barn are now offering a range of Wedding Invitations.  From stylish text designs to amazing floral and dramatic abstract options we believe we can create your perfect Invitation/Information Pack.  Once you have selected your design and the category options (Save the Date, RSVP, Details, Gift Information etc) we then offer a number of Presenters to allow you to keep all your information together in a professional and elegant way. Again, with the Presenters, we have options from a personalised band to a modern wallet or envelope with internal pockets and delicate 'cut out' designs.  Take a look at the 16 standard designs we have carefully selected and hopefully you will find one that you love.

Listening to what you want is the starting point for everything we do at The Bakery Barn so please get in touch and tell us how we can help as you prepare for your special day.  We will work with you to find the correct colours to match your theme and to make sure you will be delighted with your final choice we offer 3 x FOC completed samples.  We are also offering a 10% discount on any Invitation order if you have ordered your cake from The Bakery Barn.

You are invited to .............

Below are the 16 designs that we have selected as our standard ranges.  Once you have decided which design you prefer please contact us so that we can begin the process of creating your individual Invitation/Information Pack.

1)    Design Style  -  Capri

2)    Design Style  -  Sorrento

3)    Design Style  -  Como

4)    Design Style  -  Rome

5)    Design Style  -  Venice

6)    Design Style  - Pompeii

7)    Design Style  -  Vatican

8)    Design Style  -  Amalfi

9)    Design Style  - Florence

10)    Design Style  -  Sicily

11)   Deign Style  -  Tuscany

12)   Design Style  - Positano

13)   Design Style  -  Pisa

14)   Design Style  - Verona

15)   Design Style  -  Garda

16)   Design Style  -  Milan

We will work with you to find the correct colours to match your theme and there is an endless choice of card available  -  White and coloured Linen, Hammered, Leather look, Velvet, Pearlescent and the 'in trend' Vellum.


To help keep all your information together we are able to offer a number of Presenters. From a simple band to a delicate 'cut out' envelope we have a number of designs for you to consider.

Presenter Style  -  Band

The Band simply slips over your Invitation pack holding all your details in one place.  Personalised with exactly what you want it to say this Presenter looks modern & stylish and will not fail to make a great 'first impression'

Presenter Style    -   Cut Out Envelope

In the style of an envelope this Presenter looks amazing.  The 300 gsm card feels substantial and the 'cut out' opening guarantees the WOW factor.  

Presenter Style  -  'Cut Out' Pocket

Continuing with the 'Cut Out' theme we move from an envelope to a stylish pocket.  Additional details such as the diamante (pictured) can be placed on the Presenter to add that 'little extra' detail.  

If your wedding venue has a more rustic setting then this may be the perfect way to present your invitation pack. Any Invitation Pack will look amazing with this delicate designed Pocket Presenter

And finally for the 'Cut Out' design we have the 'Slide' option.  Simply slide your details (left or right hand) into this attractive Presenter     -   simple but elegant without compromising on style.  

Presenter Style  -  Wallet

With a modern and professional feel the Wallet Presenter is a real winner.   Where clean, dramatic design is important this practical and effective Presenter will almost certainly be 'your choice'

Presenter Style  -  Gateway

The 'Gateway' option is another practical yet stylish way of presenting your Invitation Pack to your guests.  

Presenter Style   -  Envelope Excel

A beautiful envelope  Presenter that simply has everything.   The internal pocket ensures your details will be safe and protected at all times.   The Envelope Excel is truly an excellent solution to presenting your wedding Invitation Pack to your special guests.


With so many options available it is very difficult to provide an accurate price. Final pricing will depend on your detailed choices  (card quality/added extras etc). To give you some idea the price for a 7 x 5 invitation in a white linen 300gsm card will be £1.50 each including envelope. If you simply wanted an Invitation with an RSVP in a standard envelope for the cost would start from £135.00 for 50 invitations.

If you were looking at a comprehensive Invitation/Information Pack with the Excel Presenter for 50 packs consisting of:


The Bakery Barn

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Main Invitation

Evening Invitation


Save the Date


Gift Information


'Thank You' Card

Excel Presenter

For 50 Invitations (remember you don't need to give an invite to everybody  -  couples/families could get just one pack)   the cost would be around £525.00 (£10.50 per Invitation pack).



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